Excursion to Saria Island

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Saria lies on the northern side of Karpathos. It’s a small island with no inhabitants (maybe some goats and donkeys!). It is divided from Karpathos through a channel called Steno (means “narrow”). The beauty of this island is unique and the only way to explore it is…. by boat.

Our first short stop is in the sea cave at Troulakas, still on the island of Karpathos. There you can swim in the amazing blue-green waters before we continue out trip.

The next and longer stop is the beach Palatia (means “Palaces”) where we will spend most of the day and have lunch (barbecue and salads). Short before we start our trip back to Diafani, we will visit Alimounta, a small beach with green-blue waters on the northern side of Saria

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