Giaplos- Argos -Palatia Path

Total Duration: 3 hours Argos-Palatia Duration: 45 min

From the beach Palatia you can climb up the mountain to the ancient village Argos.

Your first stop is the church of Agia Sofia, just a few meters away from the beach.

Then you can continue hiking till the church of Agios Zacharias, the top of the mountain there.

This path is the last part of a longer route starting from Giaplos beach at the beginning of the island Saria. This path takes about 3 hours and can be combined with a boat trip.

On each trip to Saria, you can request to stop in Giaplos and start hiking to Palatia. You will be arriving on the beach at the lunch time, and from then on you can join the normal route of the excursion.



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